Flat-Pack Flightless Friends from Nuzilla

Nuzilla Flat-Pack Kiwi
Entertaining alliteration aside, Nuzilla, a New Zealand based company has released a new collection of flat-pack fauna representing the kiwi and the moa, two New Zealand natives. While the moa are extinct and the kiwi endangered, you can now own a reproduction of either of these species in varying sizes, from the diminutive miniature kiwi at about 5 inches (120mm) high, to the full-sized moa at almost 8 feet. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand from sustainable plywood, these wooden wonders are a good example of building three dimensional sculptures from two dimensional parts. Should you be the obsessive-compulsive type, you can also purchase a actual-sized flat pack kiwi egg to complete the set.

Flat-Pack Moa by Nuzilla
Flat Pack Egg by Nuzilla
These evocative 3D creations are good inspiration for the Ponoko 10-Day Games & Puzzles Design Challenge. They can be purchased at Endemic World starting at about $32 USD, though you may have to contact the designers directly if you want to splurge on the full-sized moa.

images courtesy of Nuzilla. [endemicworld via notcot.org]

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