Next Materials for Ponoko?

We’ve decided to run an ongoing poll in regards to materials. We get quite a few suggestions on materials but we also know there are a lot more out there that people are interested in seeing. So if you have a moment vote below for your choice of the next material we should add to the catalog.

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I voted other ‘cos aluminium wasn’t listed
But I guess if you are going to do steel you can do alloy too


Stainless steel. Of course I am biased!

Please, please, please, include stainless steel. That would definitely make me a very happy camper (and probably gain a whole bunch of jewelry designer Ponoko members).

Cardstock paper would also be good. But first the stainless steel. Definitely the stainless steel.


Book Girl

Cardboard isn’t really important because if you want to make something out of cardboard you can just cut it yourself with an xacto knife or scissors. It’s the stuff you can’t cut and/or make yourself that needs to be laser cut.

My vote is for copper clad FR4 (for making printed circuit boards).
That combined with the acrylic would make awesome kits for homebrew portable electronic devices.

Of course the stainless would compliment the acrylic for case making materials.

Keep it up guys. Ponoko keeps getting better and better!

FOAM & FELT! Great for costume making 😀

Jennifer Phillips

There is definitely a need for some kind of metal to be offered. I work mostly in Sterling, but since the market prices keep rising, the obvious choice I opt for is Stainless Steel. Down the road it would also be nice if you offered more color choices in the Acrylics….oh say, purple, pink and a lighter shade of blue.

How about mirror, I would like to see that option!
Cheers Miriam

Aluminum please! If not, Steel would be ok.

Not material, but it would be great if you could ‘gouge’ too – for making slots in thicker materials. Maybe the next survey should be what other services would you like Ponoko to add!

I voted other for aluminum as well. Stainless would be fine too.

Cardboard would be interesting, but the idea of cutting cardboard and shipping it across the world just seems silly. I choose other because I really want to see bamboo plywood!

Definitely a range of sustainable materials (have all the materials sustainable if that’s possible), some kind of materials that can be bent easily, metals (possibly reclaimed), leather and cardboard. The greater the range of materials the more possibilities there are and the more I’ll order.

Jennifer C

Would love to see metals available, and a much greater range in colors on the acrylics.

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