Mass customization of a chair


Norwegian product development company Meld has been working for over three years to develop their customizable chair. The motivation was their dissatisfaction with mass produced furniture and seeing the same furniture in all their friends’ homes. The aim was to produce a chair that uses platform design to have maximum flexibility allowing designers and users to change its shape, look and feel without the chair falling apart. Then show people how they can make it their own by putting it together in unique ways.

Meld believes that “The world is not ready for mass customization on a grand scale. Presented with the choice of ‘anything’, most people will be overwhelmed and simply draw a blank. To both educate and react to this reality, platform design gives a basic starting point, a first step in moving to a mass customized world.”

It looks like there will be more customizable products coming soon, “All of the products MELD creates will be via platform design, and I can say that we have several lined up for the near future.”

via core 77

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