Cool Green For The iPod

Macenstein wrote up a good story about DIY green iPod speakers. No, not literally the color green, green as in, good for the earth because you’re recycling. See below:

ipod speakers made from recycled packaging

These speakers actually use the packaging that the iPod nano or shuffle comes in. I’ve often held on to the packaging for any Mac stuff because it looks so cool – but after several months with no use for it, I’ve reluctantly had to throw it out. The speaker component is a $40 DIY kit from Bird Electron. No power source is needed and it just fits into the packaging case of the nano/shuffle. Threw that out? Then what about a water bottle! How’s that for recycling?!

Bird Electron, a Japanese company actually has some other really cool iPod accessories on their website, like this wooden stand for your iTouch:

ipod phone stand

and these funky iPod speakers that are made from Japanese gourds (squash for all you who don’t eat your vegetables!). I don’t think I’ve seen speakers made from vegetables before, I guess if you’re organically growing the cases for your speakers in your own garden then you are really taking green living to a new level.

ipod speakers

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The stand looks very much like a business card holder I used to have…

I might be using my business card holder for my iTouch in future and not my business cards.

But I do love the reusing of the shuffle packaging. What sort of quality do the speakers give?

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