How To Ship All Your Bedroom Furniture in One Box

entire bedroom furniture set from one box

This is a really interesting project from designers Marcel Krings and Sebastian Mühlhäuser called the Casulo. While they aren’t about to replace Ikea furniture anytime soon I do think it’s a really good piece of design and will appeal to people who want to have a reasonable amount of furniture but still want the flexibility to pack up and move on quickly.

You can pack up everything within 10 minutes and it gives you some pretty useful bedroom furniture. You get a desk, bed, bookshelf, wardrobe and even a little filing cabinet. I have no idea how much it costs but since cheap furniture is usually REALLY cheap furniture from the perspective that you don’t like it, it’s weak and ugly and it still becomes a hassle when you have to move it. I would think that the Casulo might be nice alternative. In particular for larger cities that have a lot of one room apartments.

bedroom furniture packed in one box

one box bedroom furniture unpacked

Although I liked this, some people don’t. I first found it on DesignAddict and one commenter mentioned he thought this was “Ikea furniture for Guatanamo Bay inmates”. You can’t please everyone I guess!

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Mmmmm, I wonder how comfy that bed is? Cool idea though.

Personally I like a firm bed, so it looks ok to me, but it’s kinda small. I guess it’s for all those people who didn’t get Valentine’s Day gifts the other day… 😉

Jenny Cadalina

From a shipping perspective I think this is a fabulous idea. I absolutely love it.
Your Shipping Advisor

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