More How-to with Inkscape

Over the holidays I’ve had a bit more time to play around with Inkscape and try my hand at making stuff with Ponoko. And as a newbie with graphic software, there are still some issues that puzzle me. So I turned to our forum to ask this question:

“I have an image I’ve traced and coloured so I can get it rastered onto a piece of acrylic. But I’ve found that when I select the image and try to copy it into the P1 file in the starter kit all the details in the engraving change. The lines just seem to all get thicker and it wrecks the image. Any ideas on why the image is changing when I’m doing a simple cut and past within Inkscape?”

Right away I got a really good step-by-step explanation from Ponoko’s jimmy.kl. So I thought I’d share this on the blog because I know there are some people out there who are dealing with learning curves on Inkscape. Help can be found here on our site, especially on our Forums.

Here’s his reply:

“Hmm, not sure why Inkscape does this but it seems to be adding a black stroke around all the objects you paste into the template.

I fixed it by going to the Fill and Stroke palette, then in the Stroke Paint tab I clicked the cross to remove any stroke from the traced paths.

An example for anyone else following this thread…

In a new document I traced our logo with these settings:
tracing with inkscape sample

which had this result:

how to trace with inkscape

but when I cut n pasted to the P1 template it looked like this:

example of tracing problem with inkscape

So I opened up the Fill and Stroke palette, went to the Stroke Paint tab and clicked the cross to remove any stroke from the traced paths and that fixed it.

fixing a tracing problem in inkscape

I will investigate further and see if there’s a way to update the template files so this does not happen. But in the meantime I hope this workaround helps you out Steven.”

If you want to add to the discussion thread, check here, under Making Stuff: Inkscape Issues.

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