The Ponoko February Design Upload Competition

We are introducing a competition this month as we want to reward people who are uploading their designs into Ponoko. For the entire month of February we’ll be keeping tabs on who uploads the most individual design files into their MyPonoko and at the end of the month the person who uploads the most will receive $250 worth of making goodness with Ponoko. Design files uploaded from the 1st of February to midnight PST the 28th will be counted towards your total so get creating and uploading to Ponoko now.

We humbly request that you do put real designs up, not just a file that contains one line. We will be checking files of the winners so please keep that in mind.

Need help uploading or creating your files?

Check out our Forum
Check out our Instructable on designing a 2D object using Inkscape (includes video).
Check out some other tips on How to Trace an Image in Inkcape to create your own design.

Remember we are here to help, so don’t be shy, jump on the Forum and leave your question and you’ll get an answer as soon as humanly possible. Happy Designing!

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this is becuase you know everyone is like me and gets lazy and doesn’t upload stuff


I’m glad you think so Sue. good luck!

Will there be any sort of jurying of uploaded files? I’d hate to see Ponoko fill up with stupid junk or uselessly derivative copies of other designs just so somebody can win. Ponoko is only cool if it is actually full of interesting, creative designs. Otherwise, y’all won’t have enough participation to guarantee the income you need to keep it going.

That said, I’m excited to see what people come up with 🙂

Hi Dominic, that’s a good point, we’ll certainly be watching it carefully. We reserve the right to check the designs that the winner has uploaded to confirm they are somewhat original. But we think that the kind of community we have is a pretty fair bunch. We’ve certainly noticed so far that everyone who’s trying Ponoko is doing so to express their creativity and individuality. The competition is a chance for those who’ve got ideas but have held off a little due to cost or any other barrier to get excited about designing things, uploading them and having a chance to get it made.

We also believe that as we release features there will be more things people will be able to do with their design files. But they need to have those in MyPonoko to take advantage of that. Running a competition like this gives a chance to reward and encourage them while knowing it will be useful for them in the future too.

Is this completed projects, with photos, and stuff, or can it be things that we haven’t printed out yet?

Also, to prevent design-spam in the future, you could have some sort of basic review system, where people can rate designs 1-5 stars. That way, when you had a contest like this in the future you could only count the 2+ star projects (or whatever)

Hi Kate,

Thanks for the comment. It can be things you haven’t printed out yet. So you don’t need to have photos of the completed product, just uploading of a design. We’ll be checking the results to make sure spammers aren’t rewarded but I like that idea of a rating system. I’ll definitely put it to the team.

do the designs need to be in the showroom?
or just in our ‘my ponoko’

Just MyPonoko Sue.

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