Flatpack Furniture Genius


The urban living masters over at Weburbanist have put together a fantastic post on flat pack furniture. It includes some things we’ve seen before but it’s an excellent list and well worth checking out. Some of the designers have really gone over the edge of creativity with these ideas. We noticed that some of the comments have asked “where can I download the plans for these things?”, and while we haven’t got these particular products on Ponoko yet, we hope that it won’t be long before they are (hint, hint, nudge, nudge Jeremy Grove, Keiji Ashizawa and others).

You can see in our showroom that there are already some ideas that are stunningly creative (my current favourite is the Travel Orange Juicer!) that can be flat packed and sent. And while it’s obvious that the makers of the flatpack furniture ideas on Weburbanist are truly talented. It’s also neat to see that a personal manufacturing tool like Ponoko can enable anyone to test out making their own creations. And to then share those ideas without having to own their CNC machine or laser cutter is pretty out there.

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