The Economist on Ponoko Bespoke Manufacturing: I made it my way


Exciting stuff! Our story of personal manufacturing, in line with technologists and authors Neil Gershenfeld‘s views on bits into atoms and Don Norman‘s views on user-centered design, crowdsourcing and automation, are featured in this week’s Economist technology monitor.

If you want to know more about Neil Gershenfeld and his views on “After the Digital Revolution”, have a look at MITMedia Lab and also this previous post on his fascinating presentation at TEDtalks in 2006. Don Norman, a professor, designer and researcher of the relationship between technology and people, recently published The Design of Future Things. Listen to Core77’s Bruce Tharp interview podcast with him.

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Don Norman has had many roles, but I doubt he would include “Designer” among them.

I guess that’s a question best answered by Don, and IMHO he’s certainly way too multi-talented and interesting to want to be covered with one huge label (and frankly who would?). But his personal profile is such that I doubt you’d be too far wrong in describing him as a “Designer” now and again.

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