Wired: 3-D Printers Redefine Industrial Design

3-D Printers Redefine Industrial Design


(via Wired: 10″x10″x12″ 3D printer at Frog Design)

3D printers have been hitting the headlines again. This time, Wired spoke with Joe Hebenstreit from Frog Design in Palo Alto, CA and Scott Summit of SummitID in San Francisco about the changing role of the 3D printer. It’s no longer just for prototypes. With advanced capabilities in using different materials, speed and size, they’re being used more and more for finished products.
A while back I wrote about Janne Kyttanen from Freedom of Creation (FOC), whose digital designs are available on his website. Once ordered, the product is printed out and shipped to the customer – very much a “just-in-time” manufacturing/fulfillment cycle. Something we believe is a good model.