Thinking of becoming an Industrial Designer?

via Core 77: My Cool Job: Industrial Designer!


Geez, I wish we had this sort of access to career counseling when I was in middle school! I think all I got was a meeting with my careers counselor and a big thick book pushed my way to thumb through entries “describing” what certain jobs do. is an Ohio-based project dedicated to educating kids in middle school/early highschool of career options in the real world. They have interviews, videos and interactive blogs with real professionals, giving a varied look at careers (as no jobs ever take the exact same path). Here’s a really cool short video clip produced by high school students on behind the scenes of being an industrial designer at Design Central in Ohio. It takes you through the brainstorming and design process as well as showing a 3D printer in action, and then discussing that with clients. Great work guys!

One other thing to remember though , Industrial Designer isn’t just a cool job it can be a cool business too! If you want to make money online with design you should sign up to Ponoko and get uploading your designs and making your prototypes. It’s quick, easy, free and it’ll help you take advantage of all the tools we have to help designers and makers get done what they don’t want to bother with, like marketing, sales and manufacturing. You never know where it could end up taking you.

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