Neat idea for laser-cut acrylic

Sci Fi Tech: Fingers laptop stand organizes your cables in a pinch.

I just saw this today and thought, this is something I need! I work a lot on my laptop when I’m not in my office. I use it on the dining room table, but I usually have to put something under it just to give it a lift for ventilation, as well as to “protect” it from accidental spills spreading under it (I’ve got thirsty preschoolers often lurking around). It’s very multi-functional – it provides extra ventilation, helps make your laptop more ergonomic to type on, and it organizes your cables with it’s comb in the back.

It’s made by Oof Designs:


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Nice design!

I always put two erasers at the back of my laptop…but it won’t be as elegant as this… It would be even better if they have a USB hub built in as well.

The customization opportunities are truly endless David. I’d prefer it had a little mirror installed so I could look myself in the eye and say, “you’ve been on this computer for too long…”

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