Makezine test drives Ponoko

Make Blog: Ponoko test drive, 2D drawing to physical item – making it real

A few weeks ago Phillip Torrone from Make mag blogged about his Test Drive on Ponoko. Despite having a high-power laser cutter sitting in his living room, he decided to give us a go with his iPhone stand design that he had already made for his tutorial. At the time (this was posted on the 23rd of Sept.) we were still in beta test mode with MyPonoko being rolled out in a staggered basis, first to New Zealand only, therefore there were some snags for makers in the US. Now that we’ve rolled out to the US, MyPonoko is accessible to Americans wanting to have a go.

Phillip’s test drive is now complete – his package arrived safely with his design ready to be assembled. See his photos below and read his follow up – Ponoko really works! From package to final product in use:




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That’s a wicked design and a cool app.

Thanks mate. We’re working on it.

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