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My table!

I think I mentioned in a post back just how busy and exciting things are around the Ponoko atmosphere at the moment and to my absolute excitement I now have some reality to show you. And I mean REAL!, as in a “you can see it and touch it real life object” made by Ponoko, but designed and created by one of the awesome few who are helping beta test.

Below you can see photos of a very cool table made from cherry wood and rimu (a native New Zealand wood) designed and built by Jeffrey. When I spoke with him today I was shocked to hear it’s his first ever effort at designing and making furniture! Jeff is a Graphic Designer and Fine Artist but the considerable woodworking skill to make four identical curved table legs is not yet something he’d had a chance to master. Ponoko removed all that difficulty for him and let him focus on creating something unique and personal. I think you’ll all agree that is exactly what he was able to do.

The Abstract Design:

Unassembled pieces:

Assembled table:


Congratulations again Jeff on a job well done! It’s beautiful, and best of all – unique and personal. I can tell from the comments on your blog that other people think the same. Thank you for sharing your photos with us. Looking forward to seeing what other designs you come up with. I’m also inspired to get on the ball with my own designs!

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So when will you be opening up some more invites? I am itching to get version 3 out the door! – http://flickr.com/photos/barnaclebarnes/483498989/

New invites will be out in August, while it will be a random process on deciding on who will get one, I can let slip that commenting on us or trackbacking to any of our posts if very likely to get you higher up in that “random” process :-).

In no way am I attempting to improve the randomness in my favour 🙂 but I thought I would comment that it might be a good idea to add further explanation on how the beta process works on the front/sign-up page or in the welcome email.

Until I saw your comment about new invites here it wasn’t clear if I was doing something wrong resulting in me being unable to “use” the site as a beta user or if “not being able to do anything” was normal–which I now see it is.

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