We love laser cut design

Interior Elements by Tord Boontje via Artecnica
A friend put me on to this site – Artecnica, an LA-based design store that features everyday objects that blend art and technology. One thing that we like are the Interior Elements and Garland Lighting from designer Tord Boontje.

His interior elements and lighting are intricate floral and natural designs laser cut from sheets of metal – copper, stainless steel and plated steel. The designs are very delicate and organic, but made from various types of durable and strong metals that can be twisted (as in the Flora Garland and Garland Lights) or linked together to form panels to decorate walls and windows or divide space (Ivy Panels).

While laser cut has been a big trend with designers in the past few years leaving some people to find it “overdone” (see comments on a post last year on Design*Sponge), I find the beauty of it still amazing. I like the mixture of having organic shapes and curves cut out clean and exact – whether it’s trendy or not. Even if I end up seeing it in Ikea!

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Nice observation, thanks.

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