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Foldschool cardboard furniture

I had seen this a few months ago, probably from Core77 and thought it was cool – especially since I have two boys under 5. And thanks to a comment from Dan on a previous post on papercraft, I thought I should put this up. I’ll have to add this to my list of projects.

Foldschool offers free downloadable designs of furniture for kids made from 4mm cardboard. Their collection includes a stool, chair and rocker for the 1 1/2 – 8 year-old crowd. They even have a 3D viewer so you can see the design from any angle.

What I really like is their philosophy on product design and manufacturing. Their philosophy (from their website):

Mass culture is run by superficiality and ecological absurdity. Foldschool supports craftsmanship as a face-to-face approach to design and brings together product and user the closest possible.
The mindset of foldschool is to restore design to one of its original missions: to provide a product at an affordable price through a smart manufacturing process.

How right they are! I’m looking forward to other designs they may offer.

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