Want a reaction? Make a T-shirt that texts you

Reactee – – Cause a Reaction (shirts that text back)

Ever wonder what other people think when they see your t-shirt slogan “How Hot Am I?” Don’t have that t-shirt? OK, how about “Rather be Dead than Red” (I’m referring to the Cal/Stanford rivalry) or “You looked better on MySpace” (saw that on Cafepress.com)? Now you can find out what other people think. . . and react! You can create a t-shirt that can text people back. Reactee.com allows you to design your shirt with a personalized slogan or keyword printed on it. When you wear it around, people will see your slogan and if they want to respond, they can text a message to the number on your shirt, and get your customized “reaction” from “your t-shirt.”

This is really taking personalization and mass customization (or rather, individualization) to the next level. Forget “customizing” your shirts according to sleeve style or color. Your shirt can actually become a two-way tool for communicating an idea, opinion, or attitude, rather than just a billboard. How creative is that? What a wonderful tool for marketing as well.

They have a gallery of “live” t-shirts (i.e, you can text them), so if you want to check them out, check here. As of this week, the popular ones are “Hung Like a Democrat” and “Can $1 Change the World?”

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Very interesting. Basically walking, talking, interactive t-shirts.

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