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Industrial Design Sandbox

I came across this new blog that just started this month by Moroz. It struck a chord with me because the first several posts are all about principles and ideas that Ponoko was founded on! It looks very promising to deliver a lot of creative insight into the potential, growth and shifts in industrial design and manufacturing as we know it. Written by an industrial designer who also teaches, he starts off with a four-part series on Personal Fabrication where he talks about the future of industrial designers, the advantages, disadvantages and the potential.

Moroz points out a lot of principles and ideas behind Ponoko – mostly about the potential of how the model of manufacturing today will be changed to one where manufacturing is designer/user/consumer driven based on personal individualized designs (either personally made or bought). He very much sees a shift of power to designers and consumers, taken out of manufacturers and marketing hands.

While there may be some possible issues with misuse or abuse of personal fabrication and intellectual property, it seems to me this idea is starting to gain some strides as people are believing the real potential of our technology.

His latest post – part of another series on personal fabrication concepts is the Illuminated Photobox by Sarah Owen, which is made by transforming a digital photo into a topographical relief surface using an FDM machine with a light source behind it to illuminate the photo.

Sarah Owen's Illumination Box via Industrial Design Sandbox blog

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Im very excited about this concept. Its in the air. I’ve been thinking about the potential of mass customization applied to product design. The spirit of the idea is about inclusion and empowerment of individuals in the global marketplace. Empowerment breeds hope for the future.

I am an inventor and designer and entrepreneur.

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