Breaking the mould with Fab@Home

Breaking the mould –

Even more mainstream media space for Evan Malone and Fab@Home on CNN late last week. Over the last three months we have seen this story picked up in the world’s largest media outlets. Thought it would be neat to note another down here as well to go with the Economist (sorry subscription required) picking up the story a few weeks ago. I wonder what the correlation would be between a technology being “discovered” by the mainstream media and when it actually has a major impact on the world?

Gartner actually have a model for this (see below) called the “Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technology”, and you can see the 2005 version on Gartner’s site. In 2005 “Inkjet Printing” was right in the “Peak of Inflated Expectations”, but two years later I wonder where Gartner think it is now? My thought is that the technology is getting close to the “slope of enlightenment”. Fact is that there are a lot of technologies that just go by the wayside on those lists never reaching adoption. But judging by the ongoing media interest 3D Printers doesn’t look like it is going to be one of those areas.
hypecycle.png gartners_hyp_f2.gif